A simple building aid tool
Version: 1.3.6|Released: 5/6/2024, 3:04:39 AM
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At the start of the project, the author didn't even know JavaScript and had no idea what TypeScript was. So, this project is full of some wicked syntax and organization.

If you're a beginner in LSE and want to improve your development skills by studying some existing projects,

🚨❗🚫🙅‍♂️please don't refer to this one🙅‍♂️🚫❗🚨.

Introduction to plug-ins

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Construct Assistant for LeviLamina, abbreviated as CALL, is an auxiliary construction tool for BDS, and provides API to support other plug-in developers to expand the functions of CALL.


  • Command operation
    All operations in CALL support commands, so you can use the command box to perform a CALL operation for a player, for example: /execute @p ~ ~ ~/call menu

  • User experience
    CALL is committed to improving the user experience, and all basic operations can be completed by GUI clicking (Graphical interface) without excessive learning costs. For instructions, this plug-in provides default values and Simplified instruction, for example, instructions: /call area start ~ ~ ~ can be simplified to /ca ar a you can also bind instructions to,Shortcut keyone-click execution, more convenient

  • Multi-person collaboration
    Structures you can save with other playersShare

  • Cross archive
    Copied, saved structures can be Cross archive used

  • Custom permissions
    Backstage administrator Customize : Which players can use CALL?

  • Wide range
    CALL uses a thread-wait approach to avoid the situation where the operation fails because the chunk is not loaded. In theory, a single region of that CALL may B

  • Third-party support
    CALL allows other developers to write plug-ins that extend functionality, which you can install Third-party plug-ins to get More functions

  • Open source and free
    This plugin uses the GPL-3.0 protocol, full Open source and free project address: (It's my first BDS plug-in, Please forgive if there are any mistakes) Feedback and Suggestions: 691552572

  • Automatic update
    Automatic download, automatic installation, and automatic reloading of plug-ins Since version 1.0.0, CALL can enable automatic updates in the configuration, or enter background commands for semi-automatic call update updates.

  • Documentation Tutorial
    CALL provides you document with a detailed record of plug-in installation, usage, and third-party plug-in development tutorials.


  • Selection fill
  • The selection is cleared
  • Selection replacement
  • Selection translation
  • Selection stacking
  • Selection mirroring
  • Selection rotation
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Save the structure
  • Load Save
  • Delete and save
  • Share and save
  • Shortcut key
  • Generate a shape
  • Import
  • Export


The shapes of the current version are as follows: Shape

Run the Project

This project is written in vscode, so it is recommended that you also use vscode to run the code. Once you have your IDE ready, follow the steps below to build the project.

  1. Download nodejs
  2. Download HelperLib
  3. Run npm install to install all dependencies
  4. Specify the BDS path in gulpfile.mjs
  5. Run npx gulp init to init data and HelperLib
  6. Run npx gulp watch and write code