ParticleAPI ported from LiteLoaderBDS
Version: 0.7.0|Released: 4/28/2024, 8:18:23 AM
lip install github.com/LiteLDev/LegacyParticleAPI@0.7.0
Go to the repo


You shou install LiteLoaderBDS-CUI on your server firstly if you want to see the particle.


ParticleAPI provides a rich and easy-to-use particle generation interface for plugin development, which intuitive design and efficient and stable performance support developers to write better plugins.

Including headfile #include "LegacyParticleAPI/ParticleAPI.h" is the first step to use ParticleAPI。 It provides the generation class ParticleAPI which is closer to the bottom layer and the further encapsulated CUI class ParticleCUI. The difference between the two is very small, and only the members of the CUI class are introduced here.


Type Name Illustration
Var displayRadius: uint maximum visible distance
Var highDetial: bool draw type HD option
Var doubleSide: bool draw type two-side option
Func spawnParticle generate the particle
Func spawnPoint generate the point
Func spawnNumber generate the number
Func drawOrientedLine draw oriented line
Func drawCuboid draw 3D rectangle
Func drawCircle draw 2D circle